What do we do?

Australian Hydrogen Generation, a subsidiary of Amtronics, is an Australian company which specialises in providing and installing equipment to produce clean, Green Hydrogen.

Our European Electrolysers are the best in their field. Incredibly reliable with great efficiency and a small footprint, these machines will transform your business to create your own Hydrogen to use for your business and transport needs.

First Hydrogen European installation in 1987.
2000 Hydrogen units installed worldwide

We combine ultra-efficient, standardised and modular alkaline electrolysis technology with an on-site production approach to bring affordable hydrogen to producers of hydrogen fuelling stations, those requiring  it for Power-to-X installations, industrial facilities and more.

In addition to removing the cost barrier to Green Hydrogen, our local-production model promotes greater energy independence. If you’re looking to convert your fleet of Buses, Trucks or Farm Equipment into Hydrogen, we have the solution for you.

Our first Australian Hydrogen system has been operating since 2013. Today we continue to successfully install and maintain Hydrogen generation units in Australia and New Zealand.


We have been running six hydrogen generating machines for seven years around Australia and New Zealand.

If you wish to view one of our H2 machines for a demonstration, we are more than happy to show you around one of our four production sites located in Sydney,  Brisbane, Adelaide or New Zealand.

Watch our short video of some of our H2 equipment in action at our Brisbane site to see a demonstration of our ultra-efficient hydrogen generation process.

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Our Products

Hydrogen Generators

Our ErreDue Mercury electrolysers provide an ideal solution for all of your industrial requirements.

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Purification Systems

We provide a range of gas purification systems – produced either by generators or from external sources.

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Compression & Storage

Idro Meccanica Hydraulic Compressors and Hydrogen Storage will meet all of your needs in the H2 sector

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